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Luxury Nightwear and Underwear Delivered, Nationwide by Wysteria Lane UK

We Are
Wysteria Lane

Welcome to Wysteria Lane store. We have just launched this new site along side our underwear range. See also our luxury nightwear and pyjama collections here.

Wysteria Lane is a supplier of ladies luxury nightwear & underwear. Our collections are supplied out of London and delivered across the UK. The Wysteria Lane range specialises in quality luxury nightwear and ladies underwear that is beautifully modern. Creating classic underwear & cosy pyjamas, comfortable loungewear and fluffy robes. Wysteria Lane incorporates emerging trends and breaking fashionable ideas to create fresh and attractive garments that are not only relaxing but stylish as well.​ 

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Get to Know Us

​We take inspiration from high-end fashion houses and the catwalk itself to create our collections. Wysteria Lane’s fun and gorgeous designs ensure this range appeals to both the young and young at heart! From vivid block colours and modern stripes to refreshing patterns and florals – Wysteria Lane has something every modern woman will adore. We ensure all our colour palettes, trims and finishes are subtle additions to our items, creating garments that delight but do not overwhelm the senses.​

We Use High Quality Fabrics And Rich Cotton To Create Our Women’s Luxury Nightwear And Ladies Underwear

​The fabrics we select are chosen for their comfort, flexibility and fit. We ensure that our nightwear and underwear is wonderfully comfortable to relax in day and night. We use rich cotton and cotton-blended materials to create quality  garments and luxury nightwear that look great and are also easy to care for, making our collections relaxing to wear and easy to maintain!​

​At Wysteria Lane we have been in the industry for a long time, designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality underwear and luxury nightwear to well known stores across the UK. We are a London based top brand in the loungewear and the undergarment industry and pride ourselves on creating stylish, luxury ladies' underwear and nightwear. All our collections are supplied and delivered across the UK.​

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